ACC ISSC Art & Dance Movement Therapy

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Since 2019, we have offered a range of fully funded creative arts therapy under ACC’s Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC) to clients that have experienced sexual assault and trauma. This includes:

  • Individual dance movement therapy
  • Individual creative art therapy
  • Supported assessments (with registered art therapists)
  • ISSC dance movement therapy groups (see details below)

Our trained therapists are available in Auckland, Wellington Central, Christchurch, Thames/Coromandel, Whakatāne, Kapiti Coast, Nelson, and Queenstown. If you’d like to become a DTNZ ISSC provider, please take a look at this webpage as we are looking for new therapists to join us in delivering this essential service.

What is DTNZ’s ACC ISSC therapy?

Someone may seek creative-based therapy from DTNZ for issues resulting from sexual trauma such as relationship difficulties, stress, anxiety, depression, self esteem challenges, eating disorders, substance abuse and poor life satisfaction amongst other things. The ACC ISSC funded therapy does not need to focus on the trauma, but may support you to move forward with your life on many different levels.

Non-verbal therapies such as art therapy and dance movement therapy have proven to be highly effective in helping people experience and process their trauma so they can heal. Often the trauma is stored in the body, in pre-verbal processes, and talking alone may not always fully resolve the trauma. You don’t need to have any experience with creative practices to benefit from our powerful form of therapy as your therapist will work with you and guide you safely through every step.

To be connected with a therapist or for more information, please email Please do not include details about your injury at this point as your name, contact phone/email and your location is all we require to start the process.

How to access DTNZ’s ACC ISSC funded therapy

ACC ISSC Group Therapy

Dance & Art Therapy NZ offers a yoga and dance movement therapy group for people who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma. You can find out more about the session offered at Mt Albert, Auckland below.