ACC/Trauma Therapy

We offer a range of fully funded therapies under the ACC sensitive claims service:

  • Individual Dance Movement Therapy
  • Individual Art Therapy
  • Supported assessments (with registered Arts Therapists)
  • Dance Movement Therapy groups (see below for details)

Our therapists are available throughout Auckland, Wellington Central, Christchurch, Thames/Coromandel, New Plymouth and Northland.

You may seek therapy for one of many life issues such as relationship difficulties, stress, anxiety, depression, self esteem challenges, eating disorders, substance abuse, poor life satisfaction, and many more.  Your ACC funded therapy does not need to focus on the trauma, but may support you to move forward with your life on many different levels.

Ways to access ACC funded Arts/Dance Therapy with DTNZ:

You don’t have to have any experience with creative practices to benefit from these therapies.  They are a form of psychotherapy and your therapist will guide you safely. Using non-verbal therapies have proven to be highly effective in working with trauma, as often the trauma is stored in the body, in pre-verbal processes, and simply talking about your challenges may not always fully resolve the trauma.

To be connected with a therapist or for more information, email:  (please do not include details about your injury, just your name, contact phone/email and your location).

ACC Therapy Groups

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