General Client Enquiries

If you'd like to get more information about one of our programmes, please complete the client enquiry form below in the blue box. Our team will then contact you within a few days of receiving the email.

Assessment consultations

Some of our programmes are more suited to children/teens with particular needs – and a client assessment is required  to participate such as our STARS dance movement therapy programme. If you'd like to schedule an assessment with one of our experienced therapists, for you and the child/teen you care for, please fill out this Referral Form so we can undertake an initial assessment.

An assessment consult involves:

  1. A brief exploratory dance movement or arts therapy session with the child/teen
  2. Discussion with you regarding your child/teen’s needs and the suitability of a clinical group or individual programme
  3. Time for you to ask any questions you may have about creative arts therapy

General client Enquiry Form

  • Please detail more information about which programmes you are interested in, and any relevant information about the child, teen or adult who would be attending.