Individual Dance and Art Therapy


Art and Dance Movement therapy for Adults

Individual dance and Art therapy sessions are available for adults. Sessions are 50-60 minutes long, and take place in a comfortable, spacious room, where art materials and dance movement-based equipment are available as needed. Talking can be a significant part of treatment and movement or art making may not be a part of every session. Both short-term and long-term therapy are offered, based on the client’s presenting concerns. Some clients come for personal growth, to learn more about themselves, some come to explore movement or artmaking in a therapeutic setting, and some come seeking support for a specific issue or concern.

Please fill in this Referral Form and one of the team will be in touch within 3 working days to discuss your particular needs and to arrange an initial appointment.

Art and Dance Movement therapy for Children

Individual Dance and Art Therapy Programmes generally consist of weekly sessions during school terms. Sessions are 30 – 60 minutes long, and the child may attend by themselves, or with a parent or caregiver, depending on the child’s needs and the goals of therapy. Sessions are held in a safe, spacious, comfortable room, with movement equipment, mats, art materials and toys available for use as part of the sessions.

The focus of sessions varies depending on the child, and may involve some direction and structure from the therapist, teaching the child new skills or modelling tools and skills for parents. The sessions may also be child-led with a more open structure, creating a safe and creative space for the child to express themselves and communicate their needs to the therapist so that she can support them to grow and develop in an optimal way.

For children 17 years and under or for carers who need to fill out a form on behalf of their children/clients/wards, please fill in This Form and one of the team will be in touch within 3 working days to discuss your child’s particular needs and to arrange an initial appointment.


“My two sons (age 10 & 9) who are on the Autism Spectrum, both made great strides after seeing their therapist, Anaia, individually. She is very intuitive to how they are feeling and how she can help them. She has a thoughtful, gentle and caring approach that has enabled my sons to form a bond with her, and through this they have improved their social skills, self-esteem, and ability to express emotions. They are now more able to self-regulate when they are having a meltdown or get overloaded with sensory issues. Best of all, my sons think it’s fun and love going to see her! We feel very blessed to have met Anaia and can’t recommend her enough.” – Mother of two boys

“When we heard of Dance Therapy, we were pleased since we would like our son to enjoy music (which he fears) and dance through therapy. Jacquelyn showed us even more. Dance Therapy was not just about dancing with music but coordination of movement through play. Our son made leaps-and-bounds with Jacquelyn. She made such a huge connection that our son keeps reminding us of his Dance Therapy schedule every week. And Jacquelyn did not stop there, she keeps giving advice on how we can understand our son and work on his behaviour. Surely, Jacquelyn has made a mark in our son’s life. Cheers to the Dance Therapy team!!!” – Parent of an 8 year old boy with Autism & ADHD