Become a DTNZ ISSC provider

DTNZ is looking for new providers to work with us to deliver therapeutic services to clients who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma via the ACC Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims contract. If you think this might be a good fit for you, read on to find out more.

DTNZ ISSC provider overview

We provide our clients with a unique blend of talk therapy alongside the innovative practices of dance movement therapy and arts therapy. In the past year there has been a 62 percent increase in the number of sessions DTNZ has provided to clients who have experienced sexual trauma. As this therapy is a more individualised process and because there is a level of sensitivity and expertise required to deliver it, we are wanting new providers to join us.

If you’re a registered psychologist, counsellor, or social worker, or creative arts therapist with ANZACATA membership and want to explore innovative approaches to therapy, please contact us as we’d love to discuss how we can work together.

Please email if you’d like to apply or if you have any questions not answered in the FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions about ACC ISSC providers

  • What is the ISSC? The Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC) provides support to survivors of sexual abuse and assault. DTNZ is currently looking to add new therapists as a named provider on our contract with ACC. You can find out more about the process on the ACC website.
  • Who can work on the ISSC contract? We are looking for people with relevant experience working with people who have experienced sexual abuse or trauma. You may be able to become a provider on DTNZ’s contract if you’re registered as a:
    • art therapist (with ANZACATA membership)
    • dance movement therapist (with ANZACATA membership)
    • counsellor
    • psychotherapist
    • psychologist
    • psychiatrist
    • social worker
  • Can you provide services under the ISSC if you’re not with a registered supplier? Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. To provide services to ACC registered clients, you need to work through a supplier who holds an ISSC contract so it’s important that you begin making arrangements with us now.
  • What locations are you recruiting for? DTNZ are looking for providers nationwide.
  • Why join Dance & Arts Therapy NZ? You’ll have the opportunity to genuinely help clients who have experienced trauma. Your expertise combined with our holistic approach to therapy will empower a client’s mental health and overall wellbeing. We also provide opportunities for you to connect with other like-minded professionals and offer ongoing professional development opportunities.