Rosemarie Samaritter

Rosemarie Samaritter, (PhD) is an associate professor for arts and health at Codarts, Rotterdam. In clinical practice she works as a licensed senior dance movement therapist and supervisor. She has specialized in dyadic DMT intervention in personality disorders, post-trauma treatment and psychopathologies of disturbed sense of self. Rosemarie has been involved in the early development of professional DMT programs in the Netherlands and was founding chair of the dance therapy chapter of the Dutch Association of CAT, currently the Dutch Association for Dance Therapy. She has been a board member for the governmental licensing and certification of Dutch DMT Education Programs and has been involved in the guideline development for mental health services for the Dutch NHS. Rosemarie has been teaching and presenting DMT theory and methods at National and International DMT training programmes and conferences. She has published on DMT and edited a Dutch book on DMT. Her research focus is on intervention research and arts-informed research strategies. She is member of the Dutch National research group for the arts therapies and researcher at KenVaK (Dutch national research center for the arts therapies). As the committee chair of the research group of the European Dance Therapy Association EADMT she has initiated online DMT science café’s to support the international exchange between DMT researchers.