Mioi Forster-Nakayama

Mioi Forster-Nakayama is a registered dance movement psychotherapist. She
clinically worked in primary schools, special needs schools, a pupil referral unit, a
prison, NHS mental health hospitals and charities in the United Kingdom and Japan.
She mainly worked with children with neurodiverse backgrounds who suffer from
psychotic episodes. She worked with women with post-natal depression and anxiety.
Since she moved to Australia in 2020, she has been working with children and adults
in the disability sector as well as women with trauma and anxiety. Her approach is
based on psychodynamic psychotherapy, trauma and attachment-informed practice.
She uses movements and arts to explore the unconscious, emotions and thoughts
within. She is registered as a professional member of DTAA and ANZACATA and as
a clinical registrant at PACFA.

She is an accredited clinical supervisor of DTAA and PACFA. She supervises dance
movement therapists, creative arts therapists, psychotherapists, counsellors, and
other allied health professionals.
Mioi graduated with a master’s degree in dance movement psychotherapy at
Goldsmiths, University of London. She completed the Somatic Body Mapping
Mentorship under Annette Schwalbe (UKRDMP, UKCP). She conducts Somatic
Body Mapping workshops seasonably for women.