Anaia Treefoot

Anaia is the Founder and Director of Dance & Arts Therapy NZ and has been working in the Creative Arts Therapy field since 2008. She has always been passionate about supporting others, finding great satisfaction from utilising movement based creative arts to empower people from many different backgrounds and communities. Anaia has a clinical background as a Dance Movement Therapist and Creative Arts Therapist, working with a range of children and adults, and providing supervision and training to new therapists and those studying Dance Movement Therapy. In 2019 she was awarded the Hanny Exiner Memorial Foundation Award for her dedication to developing the Dance Movement Therapy profession in Aotearoa New Zealand including the development of two training programmes – the Master of Dance Movement Therapy at University of Auckland and the Diploma in Dance Therapy at Dance Therapy Training Aotearoa. Anaia holds a Masters in Clinical Arts Therapy, is a Clinical Professional Member of the DTAA (Dance Therapy Association Australasia) and a Professional Member of ANZACATA (Australian, NZ & Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association).