10 ways to add more art into your life

Person incorporating art at home
Contributor: Krishna Ogwaro

We know firsthand that bringing art into your life can also help you express yourself and boost your wellbeing. The act of coordinated movement, seeing and feeling with our senses during art making helps regulate heartbeat, breathing, and even relaxes our muscles. That is why it can feel very calming when we make art and we become more in tune with the present moment.  

DTNZ’s tips to bring more art into your life

 Here are 10 ways to bring more art into your life:

  1. Get inspired. Listen to your favourite music to get into a creative mindset.
  2. Take pictures of interesting things. Taking a picture allows you to focus your attention on the present moment and preserve it forever.
  3. Find art events in your community. Check out a community theatre, free concert in the park or a new exhibit at a local museum. There’s a high chance you’ll find at least one piece in the exhibit or a moment in the performance that speaks to you.
  4. Take the process seriously. Whether you’re selling your art or making art for fun, take the time to treat your work with respect as well as accepting that you are an ‘artist’ or a ‘creative’.
  5. Expand your mind. Find a good book or check out blogs that challenge you and teach you new things. Podcasts are also another option if you aren’t so into reading. Listening to podcasts allows you to experience a dramatic effect that reading a book doesn’t create which builds a better learning experience.
  6. Go for a walk and clear your mind. Be one with your surroundings and see if inspiration arrives. It may not, and that’s okay. Think about jotting down anything that comes to mind.
  7. Embrace your inner child. Children have a carefree mindset that we often lose when we grow up. Try reintroducing things from your childhood like getting in touch with your emotions, eating your favourite childhood snack or playing a game you loved as a child. Doing this can inspire your next art piece.
  8. Figure out what’s holding you back. Often there is something that is holding an artist back such as the perception that something must be ‘perfect’ (whatever that means) or ‘finished’ but art doesn’t have to have an end point. Art therapy is all about the process rather than working towards a particular goal or outcome. Your artwork is a form of your own imagination and creation, there is no need to be afraid of perfection or failure.
  9. Tune out. Watching a movie or your favourite show can also trigger creative juices to flow.
  10. Use your imagination. The more you use your imagination; the more ideas will come to you. You may like to carry around a sketchbook, notebook or a smartphone for any ideas that may occur.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up that paint brush, start sketching in your sketchbook and make some art magic.

And if you’re interested in finding out the many benefits of art therapy, take a look at this information. If you want to unlock a new perspective in your life, creative arts therapy might be for you. We offer individual dance movement and art therapy sessions for adults and children. People use this sort of therapy for various reasons. From learning more about themselves, to exploring movement/artmaking in a therapeutic way to seeking help with a specific issue, we support people in all situations. Talking can be a significant part of treatment, and movement or art making may not be a part of every session.

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Krishna Ogwaro is studying towards a Bachelor of Communications degree at Auckland University of Technology. Krishna is fascinated by the way dance and arts therapy offer not only physical benefits but also emotional and social ones as well.