If you are interested in pursuing a career in Dance Movement Therapy in NZ, there are a number of study options:

  1. Auckland- NOW AVAILABLE! Certificate in Dance Movement Therapy & Supervised Clinical Practicum
  2. Auckland- Whitecliffe College offers a MA in Clinical Arts Therapy, and students can specialise in Dance Movement Therapy in their coursework and Dissertation
  3. Masters in Dance Movement Therapy - University of Auckland (Auckland University, Creative Arts and Industries )
  4. Australia- The IDTIA (International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia) in Melbourne offers a Certificate and Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy
  5. USA- There are a number of MA Graduate Programmes in Dance Movement Therapy available in USA, please see ADTA website for more information

Additional clinical experience and/or training may be necessary with some of these options, in order to practice as a Dance Movement Therapist. A good way to begin the pathway into studying Dance Movement Therapy is to attend a workshop or experiential group. Please contact us with further questions.