Tracey Nicholson

Tracey Nicholson is a certified dance movement therapist, and specialist in the fields of both education and human movement. Her expertise in areas of biomechanics, exercise and Somatics intersect to inform her practice. Tracey has spent her career in education and movement – from teaching dance to dancing professionally and then moving into Pilates and Dance Therapy in the early days of these disciplines in Australia. She studied Dance Movement Therapy with Marcia Leventhal, Body-Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Hanna Somatics with Eleanor Criswell Hanna in California.

Tracey spent the subsequent decades delving deeper into the use of movement as a modality by constantly adding to her arsenal of client-based approaches. She explores how the body and movement provide a non-verbal window into the human and is fascinated by how much insight we gain by observing clients’ movement preferences and striving for expanding existing patterns.

Tracey established one of the first studios in Tasmania and began her next passion – teaching new Pilates instructors and Movement Therapists. She founded Tensegrity Training, a specialist RTO focusing on both Pilates and Somatic Movement education. Upon relocating to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland she created a purpose-built Pilates and Somatic Movement Therapy training centre where she inspires the next generation of instructors and works with clients from all walks of life.

She serves as the Committee Chairperson for the Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia’s (DTAA) Training Provider Committee and also sits on the DTAA Board.