Sandra Lauffenburger

Sandra has worked in private practice for 25+ years. She specializes in working with somatization, trauma, chronic pain, personality disorders, anxiety/depression, as well as other complex trauma-based issues. She grounds her movement work in Laban Movement Analysis (LMA/BF) and her psychological framework in Self-Psychology (Kohut). She taught LMA and Bartenieff Fundamentals as well as Developmental Issues for the Grad. Dip. (Dance Therapy & Counselling) at the Wesley Institute, Sydney and Calgary; IDTIA, Melbourne. Sandra develops somatic (BMC-based) LMA and BF workshops for therapists, and has lectured in self- psychology for Empathink, Melbourne. She runs somatic movement psychotherapy study groups as well as Authentic movement courses. She supervises a variety of psychologists, psychodynamic psychotherapists, body psychotherapists and dance movement therapists. She provides supervision by phone or skype.